English Lessons

Which of the following two options suits you best? Or would you prefer a bit of both?

Let’s Talk!

You can get by in English wherever you go, but you would like to speak more accurately.  This conversation course focuses on pronunciation and vocabulary building through discussion of topics that interest you.  Ideal for individuals or small groups (3 maximum).  You give me the topic – or we find one together – and I create a lesson around it. This course is also ideal for people traveling/moving to  English-speaking countries.

Business English

Come to my office in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne to identify and address your specific linguistic needs concerning your profession. We will discover and focus on your unique needs (vocabulary, register, grammar, pronunciation), and create a plan to achieve your goals within your schedule; your precious time will not be wasted on systematic reviews or standardized tests.  Your unique learning style and preferences are my priority.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with professionals from a variety of businesses including  a banker, a director of public relations, a head of R&D, a CEO, a tour guide, a CFO, an IT manager, a hairdresser, a watchmaker, several insurance brokers, a receptionist and a director of communications — among many others.

Tempted? Questions? I’d like to hear from you.

Elizabeth Boquet